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AmplifyEI is a human capital consultancy specializing in developing authentic, emotionally intelligent leaders through executive coaching and facilitated learning. Our work is anchored in our 7 Keys to Emotional Intelligence™ model, a roadmap for growth in self-awareness. This model enables organizations to deliver stronger results and leaders to evolve with greater focus, insight, and empathy.

Patrice B. Borders, JD

The EI Amplifier™

As a board-certified leadership coach, speaker, and facilitator, for over twenty years, Patrice has combined her employment law and human capital practices to help organizations and individuals develop resonant leaders, collaborative teams, and inclusive workplace cultures.

She offers leaders mental tools — based on modern neuroscience — to handle stress, uncertainty, conflict, and other issues that can undermine success.

Her mission is empowering leaders to build work cultures that are thriving with trusting teams, innovation, and belonging. Patrice is committed to amplifying emotional intelligence and mindfulness by guiding clients through purposeful assessment, action, and accountability.

Patrice Borders
Patrice Borders is a Board Certified Coach
Patrice Borders is a Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher
Patrice Borders is a Herman Certified Practitioner
Patrice Borders is EQ 360 Certified
Patrice Borders is EQ-i 2.0 Certified
Patrice Boards is Conflict Dynamics Profile Certified
Patrice Borders is an Intrinsic Inclusion Certified Champion
7 Keys for Healthy Teams

Experience the Seven Keys Online Journey

In this journey, employees will unlock seven key behaviors rooted in emotional intelligence to help optimize success as an individual, team, and organization. 

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Increase your leaders’ capacity to practice emotionally intelligent behaviors – and achieve inclusive work cultures with AmplifyEI’s:

Executive Coaching

Cultivate emotionally intelligent and resolute leaders who are well resourced with focus, clarity, and resilience to lead inclusively through 1:1 and cohort coaching.

Facilitated Learning

Achieve organizational diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging by leveraging emotionally intelligent behaviors.


Hear fresh ideas and the latest practices in human skills to prepare everyone across your organization for the future of work.

7 Keys Online Journey

Provide your team with new skills, approaches, and insights for how they can make a more positive impact on all interactions.

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Emotional Intelligence by the Numbers

Over 80% of competencies that differentiate top performers from others are in the domain of emotional intelligence (Harvard Business Review)
Emotional intelligence skills make up 85% of what is required for exceptional performance and leadership (McKinsey)
86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures (Stanford)
87% of millennials today are motivated by the emotional intelligence of their leaders to help the company succeed (Levo Institute)
Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Training, and Speaking

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Patrice is one of the authors in the newly released Micro Shift, Small Mindset Changes for Big Results, available now on Amazon.

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Truly comprehending yourself takes work. The Three Adjectives Self-Awareness Exercise is something I do with all of my clients, and I am excited to share this free worksheet with you!

Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Training, and Speaking

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